About Us

Articlus is a multi-disciplinary company providing Architectural and Structural design services for the building industry on practically any scale, from house extensions and conversions to multi-million residential and commercial developments. Since our start in 2017, our team of highly-skilled professionals has delivered more than 400 various design projects with the robust base of the latest available hardware and software packages.


High Quality Design is our core principle, this is where Articlus stands out. As designers, we know that most of the challenges within a construction project should be met during the design stage, resulting in a higher value of our services to our clients, minimising construction, running and maintenance costs, and safeguarding the aesthetic appeal and practicality of a building. The interconnectedness of our services, together with our close work with various professionals form all relevant disciplines, takes our endeavour even further.

Structural Design

Whether designing the superstructure of a building, an all-glass staircase, or steel connection details, we always provide robust, flexible and cost-effective solutions to our clients. We achieve this by combining our broad experience with some of the most powerful software tools on the market, and our exclusively individual approach to each project. Our structural design services currently encompass all things steel, concrete, timber, glass and masonry.

Architectural Design

In order to bring a site to its maximum potential, we approach architectural design with particular consideration for aesthetics, function, buildability, sustainability and cost efficiency. We have considerable experience with schemes across London and its surroundings, encompassing single family dwelling houses, multi-storey blocks of flats, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use developments. We work together with our clients to ensure that their needs are met and always make special effort to assist them in making informed decisions about their projects.

Construction Design

As a natural consequence to dealing with both architectural and structural challenges, and our numerous relationships with developers, manufacturers and building control bodies, we have amassed a vast skillset for providing construction design solutions to bring any project up to the requirements of the current Building Regulations and European Standards, be it with regards to fire safety, acoustic strategy, thermal envelope, construction details etc.

Planning Permissions

Articlus has an outstanding record of accomplishment with planning approvals from many of London’s Planning Departments. As in our other activities, we keep exceptional attention to detail when it comes to local planning guidelines and design principles, establishing early on the limitations, possibilities and requirements of the construction site.


We are currently compiling a representative set of our best works, in the meantime you can take a minute to explore a map of all our projects so far.


We are constantly seeking to hire talented individuals with backgrounds from Architecture and Structural and Civil Engineering, as well as skilled Draftsmen.

Please email us your CV, Portfolio (if applicable) and a short Cover Letter telling us about yourself and stating your salary expectations at apply@articlus.co.uk.

Please note that we will only contact you back to either invite you to an interview or give you feedback on your application. If we do not have a position to offer straight away, we might still contact you once a fitting opening is available.


Address: Churchill House, 137-139 Brent Street, London NW4 4DJ
Email: info@articlus.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 2080904802

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